Time in Tibet:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 6: Arrival at Dingri

We rolled into Dingri rather late, having had a bit of a day. We covered 400km/250mi during the day and true to their word, the BMW R1150GS died at exactly 17,000ft, with almost 1.5km and another 500ft in elevation remaining to the pass. We grafted on an oxygen bottle to provide additional O2 to the mixture but it just wasn't enough to keep the bike running. After securing a tow rope, we towed the bike the remaining 1.5km to the top of the pass.  I'll post video of the fun once I can get near a faster internet connection.

 We also met Tang Guo Chao who was riding from Guanzhou city in the province of Canton. A native Chinese man, he was on a bit of an adventure himself crossing the country on a BMW F650GS with another friend. He didn't speak any english so our trusty interpreter Vincent talked with him about his journey.  Great to meet another traveler on the road

We also got our first glimpse of Mt Everest (known as Qomolongma to the Tibetans). What a sight. You really can't describe the grandeur of seeing something so prominent and so legendary for the first time. It was truly a sight to behold. Now we get ready to head to Everest basecamp.

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