Time in Tibet:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 3: Arrival in Langxian

Ater what could be considered the best ride ever, we arrived in the
small town of Langxian. This town primarily supports the local chinese
military and is very small with a very limited number of hotel
services. With such a short ride distance we stopped several times at
several monasteries and had the opportunity to meet many of the local
Buddhist monks and a number of the locals. Following the visits we set
out on some of the best stretches of road we've seen with great road
surface, very few cars but still the occasional livestock to be
avoided. Yaks, pigs and goats seem to enjoy wandering the roadways in
Quite possibly this has been the best riding day ever.
We're working on a video feed, but with limited internet access it is
proving to be challenging... stay tuned.